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Embrace the Unknown 


I truly began to live my life when I stopped fearing the unknown. I was a person of habit. I thrived in structure and routine. My outer world showed as an organized mom, competent Engineer, a trustworthy friend and all-around reliable person. My inner world was dark, heavy, confused and fearful. I used control of the outside world to make me feel safe until one day in 2013 I could no longer carry the burden of betraying myself. 


On my healing journey, I’ve discovered that being a highly sensitive empath, intuitive and conduit comes with highs and lows. It is messy, challenging and pushes me past my comfort limits. What I have made peace with is; being fearless is walking your truth even when you don’t have it all figured out. Just like stars can’t shine without darkness, we as humans can’t shine without embracing the deep, dark parts of who we are. Having to surrender to the great mystery of the unknown was the hardest thing I ever did. Looking back, I have no regrets as it has led me to deep inner peace, joyful living and soooo many transformative life experiences. 


I continually seek to heal, learn and grow. I have travelled worldwide to educate myself on transformative healing techniques as I appreciate how vulnerable it is to step into the unknown. I dedicate myself to self-mastery as the integrity behind holistic healing is important to me. 

Truth can only be known by direct experience. Allow me to help you let go to receive and to become empty to be filled. Let’s heal your past, dream your future and live in the NOW to manifest your desires. To experience me is transformational. If you are ready to live your best life, I am ready to help guide you there.

- Bahia



PHD in Life

P.Eng (Professional Engineer)

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Certified Past Life Regressionist

Certified Aromatherapist 

Akashic records

Transpersonal Sound Healing

Shamanic Healing

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Our world is changing. and if we want to adapt and thrive we must  be willing to change, grow, evolve. We will not find ourselves in the distractions and busyness. There is a stillness within us. A light waiting to illuminate. A seed once cracked, will create new possibilities. Join me..

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