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Working With Me

Do not fear exploring the depths of your soul. You are here to remember your sacred wisdom and share your personal medicine with the world. You are going to shed old patterns and beliefs you have outgrown. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Kind. Be You. You are on your path to becoming your true authentic self.


What is Intuitive Energy Healing (IEH)?

Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions amalgamate elements of transmuting energies in the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body. Sound, visualization, personal touch (with client consent) create a receptive, environment where healing can begin. Together we use a pure form of healing energy called the “Universal Life Force”. Depending on the client's intentions we have the opportunity to heal deep wounds, trauma, blocked energies that are imprinted or trapped in the souls’ blueprint.

Transpersonal Hypnosis or Past Life Regression may also be used, at the client's request.

I am committed to your overall safety. All information is kept confidential unless you give me permission to share. I thank you for your trust and my intention is for you to have a deeply replenishing and healing experience that will open you to more joy and ease of life.


"I have been guided to such abundance since I have met you. I am connected to you on a level I have not experienced before. You have resumed my soul and given me hope and purpose when I was broken. I am forever grateful to have met you and to be blessed to journey with you as my friend and mentor.
- Judy G"

"It was one of those moments when I could physically see the divine light in you- as if there was a spot light shining through you. This was different than the usual deep sense of LOVE that you emanate. It was almost like seeing another layer of your core being. Thank you, thank you for sharing yourself. xoxo "
- Terra B

" When you walk into Bahia’s working room you feel safe, love and just fun. It’s like a fun little mystery every time I visit with Bahia. She has helped me talk with my family about my gifts and what has been happening in my life. I love Bahia so much. It was my birthday wish to visit for the first time a while ago. She is just a very loving and fun person. "
- Emma (11 years old.)

"I met Bahia on social media and immediately I was attracted to her energy. When my spirit led me to ask her for reading a couple of days before the winter solstice, she connected right away to my energy. She picked up on what I was feeling in that particular moment and told me about things that I had felt and buried deep within. The drum ceremony that she performed on the night of the winter solstice is still having intense ripple effects through my spirit. She is not only a kind, loving spirit but a gifted healer. Her heart is as soft as her light is bright. I am proud that she has now become a soul sister. "
- Vallerie

"My partner and I had been seeking conventional therapy for months. We waited weeks for consultations, months for appointments, and had therapists cancel last minute and others who did not resonate with us whatsoever. We finally decided to go to Bahia and our only regret was that we did not do it sooner. Upon arrival, she made us feel extremely comfortable and genuinely welcomed. Bahia’s soothing energy helped us relax immediately. Throughout the very first private session, she was able to get to the root of our situation, shift our energies, and provided us with helpful tools to heal what we needed to heal. Bahia is a talented intuitive and powerful energy worker. She helped us transform our relationship and we’ve never been happier - we couldn’t recommend her more! " 

"I met Bahia years ago, she was my yoga student attending my classes and right from the get go we connected deeply. I immediately felt her to be wise, compassionate, and I was blessed to witness her process of deep healing. I had a session with Bahia that included hypnotherapy and going into my Akashic records and all I can say is that when I emerged from that healing room I was not the same person who entered it. I don’t know how many layers of pain, shame, and guilt I released that day but it was soul-changing and I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone who is seeking liberation and healing, and even if you can’t put a label on what it is you want to do, if you are ready to let go of your past and be free to move forward then do yourself a loving favour and go see Bahia. Thank you Bahia, love you so much and I’m endlessly grateful for you. " 
- Laura S

"I’ve had a session with Bahia and I’m grateful. She is very intuitive, genuine and caring. Her approach is powerful yet soft. She was meant to do this work and I highly recommend her. "
- Tina P

"She is so caring and compassionate. You will learn so much about yourself and be a better person for your time spent with her. "
- Teresa R

"You are a traveller into the realms of souls. You travel to retrieve lost and broken parts of people and bring them to wholeness." 
- Fally K

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